Reading Quran (Nazra)

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After completing the first stage, i.e. the Qaida, next step is Nazra which means reading Holy Quran. Not every human can utter the Arabic letters clearly as it should be because of different mother tongues. For this purpose Tajweed is taught in the beginning while teaching Qaida so that the students of Nazra easily pronounce the Arabic letters while reading the Holy book. This makes the reading of Quran more wonderful as beauty of words lies in its correct pronunciation

It is designed for both children as well as adults who are yearning to go for Nazra. Besides Nazra, mother important elements of Islam are also taught like memorization of Chapters (Hifz e Surah),Beautiful names of Allah (Asmaa-ul-husna),Faith, Prayers, Al-Hadith, Masnoon Supplications, Seerat-Un-Nabi, Islamic information, Morals and manners, Seerat-e-Sahaba, Arabic language and Urdu language.

Course Curriculum

Reading Quran Nazra Part-I
Reading Quran (Nazra) Part-I FREE 00:00:00
Reading Quran Nazra Part-II
Reading Quran (Nazra) Part-II FREE 00:00:00
Reading Quran Nazra Part-III
Reading Quran Nazra Part-III FREE 00:00:00
Reading Quran Nazra Part-IV
Reading Quran Nazra Part-IV FREE 00:00:00
Reading Quran Nazra Part-V
Reading Quran Nazra Part-V FREE 00:00:00

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